Semalt Review – An Easy URL Scraper

We can all agree that traffic is the primary driver for any website's growth, acquiring more traffic will expose your site to a more prominent population. To invest in gaining such traffic then you would need a detailed plan which involves running CPV traffic campaigns. The only problem: you will need to collect hundreds if not thousands of URLs from the top search engines.

While it's possible to copy these links manually, it would take a lot of time, and energy. This is where Easy URL Scraper comes into the picture. This tool which can be found in the High Traffic Academy 2.0 suite will significantly simplify your work.

What does it do?

Easy URL Scraper functions just like any other scraping tool: in that, it crawls through the web and collects specific data. But then fetching URLs from a search engine would require numerous entries. To solve this problem, the tool relies on keywords to look up websites with similar keywords and list them for you.

Why do I need Easy URL Scraper?

Well, it will save you hundreds of hours plus the stress of having to surf the search engines manually. The tool automatically analyzes the URLs and outputs only the ones that are keyword relevant.

How to use The Easy URL Scraper

Upon opening the interface, you will see a "keyword" window where you can type the keyword for the specific web pages that you want to search for. Below that there is another column for selecting the search engines that want to collect URLs from. It's important to note that if you are interested in best results always remember to mark all of the top search engines. The third pane will allow you to select the number of URLs that you intend to collect. This number is useful depending on the size of your traffic campaign.

When you are done configuring the above three steps, click on "Grab URLs." The tool will automatically run the search and start displaying the URLs in the output window. The results will be in text form for easy copying and paste elsewhere.

What are the benefits of using the Easy URL scraper?

1. If you are an internet marketer then this is the tool for you, it will simplify the task of acquiring links to be used in CPV campaigns.

2. If you do implement HTA 2.0 penny traffic, then this will allow you to get targeted traffic.

3. Unlike other tools, this one does not require any coding knowledge as it is easy to use; you will have no trouble moving around the menu due to the simple build.

4. The tool will give you reliable results, you no longer have to guess around as you manually search for URLs, and this tool will automatically fetch the best fit results for you.

5. Due to the fact that the scraper compiles results from all of the top search engines, there will be numerous duplicates. While this might be somewhat annoying to deal with, there are online tools that can identify and remove such duplicates from your final results.

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